Climate Risk

Assess and visualise climate change risks for any asset type: building, infrastructure, agricultural asset, etc.


Visibility and Risk Mitigation

Monitor and report on any asset type e.g. buildings, roads, stations, airports, agricultural assets, infrastructure, transportation, etc.


ISO 31000, AS 5334, GBCA and ISCA compliant


Easily identify risks, likelihood and consequences


Latest current scientific  data


View, track and compare any asset or asset group


Widest range of climate variables / data: Flood, drought, heat, sea level rise, storm surge, inundation & erosion


Global coverage


Scientific and cross-validated data

Climate Risk: Adaptation and Resilience

Climate change adaptation helps individuals, communities, organisations and natural systems to deal with those consequences of climate change that cannot be avoided. It involves taking practical actions to manage risks from climate impacts, protect communities and strengthen the resilience of the economy.

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