Supply Chain FAQs

Can your company verify, trace and share every detail of your supply chain?

Most frequently asked questions about Supply Chain

Informed 365 can customise the content to cover as much or as little as your organisation requires. Our Self Assessed Questionnaires (SAQ’s) are customised and typically aligned with ISO 20400 but we can align with any standard a client prefers (e.g CDP, DJSI, GRI, TCFD, etc)

Aspects typically covered include:

  • Governance
  • Human Rights (incl. Modern Slavery)
  • Climate Risk
  • Community
  • Consumer Issues
  • Fair Operating Practices
  • Environment
  • Labour

Informed 365 recognises that no two businesses have the exact same requirements and each clients forms and report dashboards are customised to meet their exact requirements.

The rule of thumb is, the easier it is for suppliers to respond, the high response rate you will receive. This means really understanding why you are asking the question. Will it be useful to you to do further analysis on or provide feedback to your team or reporting entity? The more streamlined you can make your questionnaire the better.

Typically our clients range from 40 – 80 questions depending on what the questionnaire addresses.

Another helpful tip is to not make the answers to complicated. Minimising free text responses or document uploads will increase your response rates.

Typically a risk filter is applied to your supplier database to better gauge those that may present higher risk and they are approached first. Filters can be applied via country, industry, spend, internal risk matrix, Human Rights, Anti-Bribery, Corruption, etc. Informed 365 can help your organisation to decide upon what would suit your supplier database better.

Yes. The Informed 365 platform can integrate with most existing software solutions, push and pull data via API’s and upload any existing historical data.