The German supply chain act is coming in 2023.

Who is affected by this legislation?
How will you be compliant?

Benefits of Informed 365

Why your organisation should use Informed 365:

To protect your brand reputation

Actively manage sustainability in your organization and supply chains = improved image

To minimise costs and administrative efforts

Use Informed 365 to efficiently manage and monitor suppliers


To satisfy government and consumer standards

Stay ahead of stakeholder expectations & government regulations

To improve social and sustainable business goals

Align your supply chain strategy with your sustainability goals
Modern Slavery Act Australia

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Powering trust for companies such as:

GPT Group
Proprty Council
Michael Hill
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Our Services

Cloud-based solutions to manage your environmental and social performance:

Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Customised, cloud-based application for organisations to manage, monitor, automate and engage confidently with their supply chain.

CSR Reporting

CSR Reporting

Data management / data analytics with customised dashboards to track any metric (e.g. GHG tracking, energy, water, transportation, etc.)

Make Better More Informed Decisions

Empower Your Team with meaningful dashboards, interactive reports and automated analysis.

Across all our applications
40 million
Let’s work together to abolish slavery

Verify – Trace – Share

Can your company verify, trace and share every detail of your supply chain?

Why Informed 365?

Informed 365 is a leading ESG / CSR tech company with offices in Australia, Europe and North America. We help small to large organizations operate more sustainably and ethically responsible for the good of our planet and people. We develop user friendly, affordable, and scalable 24/7 digital platforms to improve visibility and transparency along all activities for the benefit of all stakeholders. Data driven decisions for a better world!

Informed365 Testimonial
“Our strong intention is to create resources that are open-source for the entire sector, and that remove the barriers for suppliers to engage with our members on these issues. It is for that reason that the supplier questionnaire developed for this platform will be freely available for anyone to use, and it will be free for suppliers to log into the platform and provide responses to these questions. By only answering these questions once on the platform, we are also streamlining the reporting burden on our supply chain, a critical component of this initiative.”

FrancescaFrancesca Muskovic,
National Policy Manager Sustainability & Regulatory Affairs


Seamlessly integrate and cross reference data against a myriad of other data sources via direct links and feeds.

Easy Integration

Easily integrate internal, historical or third-party data or push and pull data via APIs.


Present data and results in the most meaningful way with advanced data visualisation functionality.


Share data across entire sectors or industries thanks to our innovative Australian first shared applications.

Informed 365 News

Stay on top of the latest news on Modern Slavery, Climate Change, industry trends and sustainability news

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5 Steps Your Company Needs to Take To Help Form Its Modern Slavery Statement

5 Steps Your Company Needs to Take To Help Form Its Modern Slavery Statement

Even with the best of intentions, combating Modern Slavery can initially seem an arduous task for companies, especially where supply chains span borders and are complex and multi-tiered in nature. With this in mind, we have compiled this list of five key steps which companies should take towards ensuring that their Modern Slavery Statements are more than words on a page.

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