Supply Chain Management

Can your company verify, trace and share every detail of your supply chain?

Do you source ethically?

Are your products and services being sourced are obtained in a responsible and sustainable way?

Turnkey supply chain management application

All your required data collected and visualised in one simple web-based solution:


Track and monitor all your key supply chain metrics


Integrated solution that covers: Governance, Human Rights (incl. Modern Slavery Act), Labour, Environment, Community, Fair Operating Practices, Consumer Issues and Climate Risk


Customised interfaces with your branding and preferred layout


Aligned with TCFD, CDP, GRI, ISO 20400


Live feeds and apps


Seamless integration of existing, historical and third-party data via APIs


Interactive dashboards and automated reporting


Audit interfaces

The answers to your key questions


What is ethical sourcing / procurement?


What are the key environmental and social aspects of ethical sourcing?


How can you identify and mitigate risks in your supply chain?


How can you effectively collaborate with your suppliers?


How can you measure impact?


Why is ethical sourcing no longer just a “nice-to-have”?

Supply Chain Australia

Modern Slavery Turnkey Solution

At all phases of the process the Informed 365 platform can help gather and visualise the data you need to collect.

3 Simple Steps

Supply Chain Aspects

Cover any aspect under any framework. 

Certification Covers

Multi-Tier Visibility

Track and monitor multiple layers of your supply chain.

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