Shared Platforms FAQs

How are shared platforms (i.e. for multiple entities) set up?

Most frequently asked questions about Shared Platforms

Phase 1:

  1. Formation of Consortium
  2. Development of Supplier Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) – guidance by Informed 365
  3. High level risk assessment of suppliers via the Informed 365 Slavery Risk Index (ISRI)
  4. Automated invites to relevant suppliers (e.g. “Very High” risk suppliers)
  5. Informed 365’s platform tracks registration and completion with automated reminder emails
  6. Access to configurable dashboards and automated reporting
  7. Matching of data to Modern Slavery Statement criterion
  8. Annual comparisons
    Phase 2:
  9. Expansion into tier 2, 3, 4 etc.
  10. Adjustment of content e.g. new regulatory requirements
  11. Integration of metrics over time e.g. indigenous spend, local procurement, Health and Safety
  12. Tracking of remediation process via integrated remediation dashboard.

To get your platform ready, we need:

  1. Consortium members to sign off on final version of the SAQ and risk hotspot matrix (Informed 365 will provide assistance and templates).
  2. Branding material and content to create your platform (as per below).
  • Application site address (example: ‘’)
  • Application icon (Ideally 1:1 resolution (square) at 40px x 40px) – Shows in title bar and toolbar of the application
  • Application logo (Appears on the login page)
  • Background image (1920px x 1080px) – Appears on the login/register/landing pages
  • Consortium member logos
  • Corporate colours (hex codes such as #C9c9c9) – For application branding
  • Should the application allow anyone to register or is it by invitation only
  1. Excel or csv file of suppliers for automated upload (Note: members can also individually or group invite suppliers onto the platform).

We recommend that one or two consortium members or a committee become a key single point-of-contact. This provides Informed 365 and the consortium clarity around how to handle changes and communicate updates, questions, etc.

Other consortiums have elected to hold a fortnightly meeting that is chaired and managed by the two elected members of the consortium and allows all members to hear updates in person and ask any relevant questions. Informed 365 will also attend these meetings to give updates and take questions.

The data is and always will be owned by the client i.e. you and your consortium members. How you structure “ownership” within your consortium is entirely up to you.

Informed 365 works with leading supply chain experts to develop the industry appropriate risk hotspot scoring mechanism.

Unlimited number of suppliers and there is no cost to the supplier.

The dashboard and data in the platform are updated in real time. As soon as a supplier enters in data it is fed instantly into the dashboard and data table.

There are typically three layers of risk with regards to your suppliers:

  • Generic risk of a supplier based on e.g. country of operations and industry. E.g. Textiles from Bangladesh = both high industry and high country risk vs. Australian based consultant = low country risk and low industry risk
  • Form response risk. Informed 365 can weight the suppliers responses based on associated risk scoring and give members an overall rating risk rating on their form.
  • Risk as perceived by members based on responses to questionnaires. It is worth noting that each consortium member will have a different risk appetite e.g. a certain response by a supplier will be considered non-compliant or risky to one member whereas another consortium member may view it as minor or not risky.

Informed 365 can provide generic scoring based on the consortium members risk matrix which can then be overlaid by individuals risk appetites.

Yes, our Report Builder module enables our clients to stack questions on top of one another to allow for extremely granular queries encompassing numerous metrics.

Unlimited. Each user is given their own unique log in and must log in with those details to gain access.

Any technical support requests will be handled by Informed 365 via our online live chat when suppliers register or log in. Alternatively, we will respond via email – [email protected] or via telephone. If the consortium has also elected to use the Onboarding Support option, Informed 365’s onboarding team can also respond to any common questions on your behalf. For anything outside of scope Informed 365 will refer that back to the appropriate member for review and response.

Informed 365 will train the relevant staff from each member organisation on how to use the platform and access data. In order to get maximum value from the platform we will also send you monthly reports for the first 6 months on 10 – 15 key metrics each member requires.